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Testimonials Mestek

“Paradox has been an invaluable resource in upgrading our systems for lean manufacturing and world-class customer service.”

“Over the last five years, we have retained the services of Billie Day and Paradox to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of our organization.

“To reinforce a new organizational design, Paradox helped us revamp our compensation system. To align pay with business objectives, we changed from a time-and-function-based system to a modified ‘pay-for-skill’ system. This encouraged managers and plant personnel to focus on developing both behavioral and technical skills critical for ensuring the long-term success of the team.

“This change was a significant undertaking and required management to clearly define and document each technical and behavioral skill required within each team. This program has significantly improved the capability of our workforce.

“Some of the more important improvements we have realized as a result of these changes include improved on-time delivery, reductions in raw and in-process inventories, reduced customer lead times, and a vastly improved ability to handle urgent customer needs and new products.”

Larry Desmarais
Plant Manager
Mestek, Inc.