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Doing more with less is not an option; it’s a mandate.

Management of compensation programs has become increasingly complex, visible and expensive given the level of internal and external expertise required. Fortunately, the Paradox co-sourcing solution enables your organization to:

  • Maintain competitive programs more cost-effectively
  • Free up resources for high-value program development
  • Retain control over compensation strategy and decisions
  • Support better HR and management decision-making
  • Proactively address escalating regulatory and public scrutiny
  • Access independent, world-class experience and compensation management technology

Your Human Resources staff continues to provide front-end contact and services, decision-making, training, and other critical functions. Paradox, through a unique combination of robust technology and our highly experienced consultants, provides 24/7 access to full compensation management support – including integrated reporting and analyses on employees, jobs, the market, your compensation programs and your incumbents’ performance. With a Paradox co-sourcing arrangement, you have just developed your last spreadsheet.

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