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Services Regulatory & Implementation Support


Over the past decade, maintaining appropriate governance, regulatory compliance and clear program guidelines have become integral to the compensation professional’s role.

Our lead consultants have over 50 years of combined experience working with compensation committees in general industry and nonprofit organizations, as well as management and Human Resources. We have assisted with regulatory compliance issues, varying from pay equity in Canada to FLSA audits and 409A interpretation in the United States in addition to the documentation and communication of compensation policies and procedures.

We can help you establish governance processes that are both practical and sensitive to today’s evolving regulatory environment. Furthermore, we can offer an independent assessment of current or proposed compensation programs to ensure alignment with short- and long-term enterprise success, the organization’s ethics and risk management policies and your stakeholder’s interests.

Because the success of any compensation program hinges on effective training and communications, Paradox also specializes in:

  • Compensation project communications, including initial announcements and ongoing updates
  • Training and orientation for managers and employees, particularly those delivered electronically
  • Human Resources training in which we “train the trainer” by giving your HR department the tools it needs to educate your managers and employees