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Services Total Rewards Strategy & Compensation Program Design

Total Rewards Strategy

Having a game plan keeps your business in the game.

A total rewards strategy provides clear parameters for managing human assets toward the achievement of short- and long-term business goals. It integrates core values, business strategies, organizational culture and compensation philosophy in a pragmatic plan for determining types of programs offered, comparator companies and pay levels.

Without a strategy, companies can fall victim to “flavor of the month” compensation program trends, which may or may not add value to their business or their employees’ performance. A total rewards strategy should also ensure that compensation programs connect to business ethics policies and compliance and disclosure requirements.

Paradox helps you link the design of specific compensation programs for all levels of employees to your rewards strategy and business needs. We provide value-added consulting, supported by robust technology and competitive analyses, in the areas of:

  • Base pay (grade and banding structures, job analysis and evaluation, and administrative processes)
  • Short-term incentives (management, broad-based employees, team and sales)
  • Long-term incentives (equity and cash-based)
  • Employee recognition (cash and noncash)
  • Executive contracts and business transaction support

We can also apply our extensive experience and knowledge of current and developing regulation to provide an independent assessment of existing programs and features for alignment with stakeholder value.